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For the coffee-drinkers

We provide a reusable cup at all the partnering cafĂ©’s for you to use. For a fixed payment per month. No hassle.

The Bakki-promise

Lower your impact

In the Netherlands, we throw away 30 billion paper coffee cups. This equals 45 kilo tons of CO2. On top of that, our little country is the 5th biggest coffee consumer per capita! We believe we can break free from this disposing habit start doing better.

Get more out of your coffee

Enjoy your coffee more intensely. Being sustainable is actually a treat for yourself now because using a Bakki allows you to get an A-quality experience:

  1. The design is optimised to keep your coffee the right temperature for a longer period of time.
  2. The shape is made for espressos and milk to swirl right in, like it is supposed to.
  3. No leaking, breaking or squeezing too hard. This cup is trustworthy.

Hassle-free, promise!

We know sustainability is often a hassle and never convenient. But we think that our service provides the exact same benefits you have now: flexibility, low budget, and thoughtless. Additionally, Bakki has an added touch of quality and is a guilt-free treat.

  • Small payment, only once a month
  • Nothing to remember or take with you
  • No QR-codes, filling in forms or showing ID’s

Join us*

*Free until the first of July!
Then you are asked if you want to continue the service and we will start asking a fee