1.1 Joining coffee bars

Here, we have provided you with an overview of which the coffee-shops where you can get a Bakki.


This coffee-shop is located right next to the Markt and spoils you with heavenly goods every time you come there.

Koffie & zo

Treasures are found all around this cute boutique. During the lock-down, they got famous because of their coffee-window through which you can order some nice cappuccinos and other hot treats.


At the corner of the Beestenmarkt, you can find this young coffee-loving café. The barista’s really know what they are doing and the amazing cakes and croissants are hard to ignore


The friendliest staff you will ever meet*. This café is located in the historic centre of Delft so a nice walk is guaranteed. Make sure to get yourself a large cup because great minds drink alike!

*one of our founders works at Barbaar and she can edit the text of this website (muahaha)