A reusable cup, ready for you whenever you are having take-away coffee. Bakki makes sure you can enjoy being sustainable.

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How it works

We take care of the cup, so you can have coffee carefree

You can get a coffee at any of these café’s using the Bakki-service. We have made sure there is a reusable cup there for you to use. You then drop the cup back into one of the Bakki-tubes when you are done. Then we ensure these cups are washed and put back in use the next day. This way the service is fully circular, minimising waste and resource dependency.

Enjoy your coffee even more 🤤

In your Bakki you can keep coffee, chocolate milk or tea nice and warm. We designed the cup so the barista can make the perfect espresso and take the latte art to the next level. Drinking your hot beverage becomes easier and more enjoyable!

Less resources and less waste 🌱

Reducing the amount of disposable cups means we use less resources and make less waste. Enjoying the same cup again and only having as many cups as there are necessary is key in a sustainable future in the take-away sector.

You don’t even have to do anything 🪄

Making ‘reusing’ possible for everyone starts with taking care of the logistics. Because we know that bringing your own reusable cup everywhere isn’t convenient. That is why we keep the cups where they have to be.

About us

We are Gaby, Eline and Fay. Together, we took on the challenge to make Delft a more sustainable place. Innovation is at the centre of that but when developing a service as a start-up, validating is more important than anything. On our blog/news/article-kind-of-ish page we share our insights, our vision and our progress. Check it out if you’re interested in our journey!

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